Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week 84--Big Island Bound

Hey Family!!!!

Happy Monday! 

So this week we had interviews with President Warner. I was so excited! Not really to have the interview but more because transfers were on Wednesday and I knew he was going to tell me where I was going to go. I knew it was time to get transfered because everytime I would go to church, the members would look at me and with a baffled look and say, "YOU'RE STILL HERE? You've been here forever. I mean I'm glad you're here...but you're still here?" And when that happens, it's generally a sign that you're about to be moved. So when I was sitting in my interview with President I was sweating bullets because I just really, really, REALLY wanted to go somewhere off Oahu. And so President was asking me about the zone and he says, "Let's see what Hon-West Zone looks like next transfer." And so he pulls up the transfer board on his IPad and the first thing I see is my name under the Kona Zone and I practically pooped my pants!! I'M GOING TO BIG ISLAND. Right from the beginning of my mission I always had a feeling I was going to serve in Kona, but as I was getting close rand closer to the end of my mission I forgot about it, but it's happening!! New adventures ahead.

But that being said, I figured I was leaving, and when you are being transferred, you can view it from one of two ways. You can view it as I'm not even going to be here in a week, so why worry about working? Or you can leave the area better than you found it. And I decided I was going to go out with a bang. What's really really awesome is that there was a lot of tender mercies from the Lord this week. Here are just a few:

The lady I emailed about last week, well we went to go visit her again. Her name is Patricia. We told her that we were going to be out by her at 7:00, and we were a little bit late. Well, we ended up being a half an hour late because we had to go to a stupid surprise meeting. But when we showed, there was a lot of people in her house to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2. But she invited us, and so we sat in the back of the small apartment, and she looks at us and says, "Today's my birthday! So my family came over and made some dinner. Would you like some?" And we were like, "Sure!" but secretly we were like ahhh man we just ate dinner...were so full...BUT IT WAS HER BIRTHDAY. WE HAD TO! So we ate some food and talked to her. Then we decided to read some of the Book of Mormon. And so we were reading about the Savior coming to the Americas, but the spirit wasn't really there because the movie was so loud. And so we read a chapter, and then two, and then I look over and EVERYONE is asleep who was watching the movie. So I ask her to turn it down, and she does. And then the Spirit came into the room. And she told us about how her Son is struggling with drugs, and he brings the darkness into the house. And how when we come, we bring the light. Then we ask her if she would be willing to go to church, and she said she has her own church. So we testified of Joseph Smith and the Restored gospel. We then asked her what she believed in what we were teaching. She said she wasn't sure. So we read Alma 32 about faith being like a seed. And then we testified that she could know the truth. And Then we asked her if she found out the truth, if she would be baptized. And she said yes. And so we left it at that.

Well to a different miracle...A man that I was teaching while I was in the Samoan ward, had committed to be baptized after 10 years of being married to a member. The member was very patient, and very loving, but he had committed to be baptized in the new year. So when we got transferred out, me and my companion didn't see him again. But we were walking around Kalihi and he drove up out of nowhere and said, "Are you coming to my baptism this week?" But it sounded a little different because he barely speaks English...And we were like sure!! So we showed on Saturday and the place is packed with members to support him. Also our mission president and his wife was there, who just decided to show up randomly. And the Samoan missionaries tell us we are giving the presentation while the people are getting changed. And I was just thinking, "Oh great. I stink at these. And the mission president is here." But it went pretty well. And the baptism was super awesome. And since Samoans LOVE food, we went to the cultural hall and they sat us down at a table and just bring out TONS of food for us. The mission president had obviously never been to a Samoan dinner before, because he was pretty nervous about most of the food. 

Well anyway, we left Patricia's house saying we wouldn't be late the next time, and since the Samoan's baptism stared half an hour late, we were half an hour late to Patricia's house. But she was there and she said she had to go soon, but we taught her half of the plan of Salvation and surprised us by blurting out, "I KNOW the Book of Mormon is true." But we asked her to come to church and she was like, uhhhhhhh. Maybe. 

Well anyway, Sunday rolls around, and we went around trying to wake people up for church. But no one could come! So we were a little sad, but we were at church shaking people's hands as they came in and in walks Vicente! Our 70 year old Filipino investigator. Then in walks Patricia! Then in walks a family who we had been working with who hadnt been to church in 6 years! It was amazing!! 

Overall, it was just a great last week in the area. I couldn't ask for anything better. But next time I email you I will be in Kona!! 

I love you all and I know that God lives and is very very active in all of our lives. 

Elder Gleave

Sunset every day in Kona
Tony's baptism

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