Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Week 88--I Fear No Man

Aloha Family!

I don't have much time.  I just wanted to drop a quick line and tell you all that I am still alive. 

This last week was really awesome. We stopped by our investigator from Honduras with one of our bishopric members who served his mission in Panama. It was really neat to hear the gospel taught in Spanish. I felt like I was watching Dad or Will or some of my friends teaching. I guess it was a pretty good thing that we brought the member over, because when we first got there and asked the Nahun what he remembered, he just smiled and said, "Something about Jesus." Sooo I'm not sure he understood too much, but after our member taught him, his face would light up and ask our member questions, and our member would say, "Exactimente." So, I am just assuming he understood. But the spirit was strong, and the less active brother sat in on the lesson, and he seemed like he remembered a lot. PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM. 

We also got a referral from one of the members to see a family that lives above them. So we stopped by two weeks ago and made an appointment to see them on Thursday, We went over, and it is this couple, girlfriend and boyfriend, who have a 1 year old son. We were able to bear testimonies about how families can be together forever, and how the gospel has changed our families' lives. It was nice to recount all the good memories of my family, and some of the not so good memories as I testified that the living God had truly changed the fabric of my family's lives. When we asked the girlfriend what she would do to help her son, "She replied anything. literally anything."' We went over this morning and taught them the restoration, and the couple seemed to grasp onto the whole concept. They were really pleased to hear that the authority to seal families for all time and eternity was back on the Earth. Pray for them too! 

On Saturday, one of the members told us he wanted to visit a family. And so we went with him to go visit a family from Chuuk. There was the Grandma, who was an active member, the daughter, and her four kids. I asked which Island they were from, and it was the same island that one of my former companion's family is from, so I asked if they knew any Kichiros, and the grandma was like, "OH YES! We are related! I just came from Salt Lake City and I was living with them!" So long story short, the Grandma and two of the girls came to Stake Conference on Sunday, and we went over and committed the Mom and her four kids to baptism yesterday and they all accepted! So yeah, pray for them too. 

To close, I read this killer talk about this mission in England who baptized 100 people on his mission simply because he wasn't afraid to talk to anyone. He would look himself in the mirror everyday and say, "I FEAR NO MAN." And then do it in a different pose time after time until he was ready to go and fearlessly proclaim the gospel. He said, "The field isn't brown, ready to plant. It isn't yellow, ready to water. It's WHITE ready to harvest. We. Are. Harvesters." So I have adopted that attitude into my work. Unfortunately, I lost my voice this week, so I am just a quiet harvester. Also, pray for my voice to come back. 

But I love you all! All is well! Happy Valentines' Day!

Elder Gleave

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