Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week Four: Hows it from Hawaii?

Hows it. 

Sorry I didn't write yesterday, we got wrapped in a hike that took most of the day. We pulled off on the side of a winding road, and everyone piled out. On the right of the street there was a giant wall of 30 foot bamboo. The whole street was COVERED with bamboo, and there was a little entrance where everyone in the zone started filing into. It was literally a bamboo forest. It was like we went into Narnia, and instead of a vast kingdom and talking animals there were yelling missionaries and bamboo everywhere. Eventually we came upon a river, which we followed until we eventually came upon a stunning waterfall. There was people jumping off it into the pool below, and let me tell you, the temptation was real. It looked SO FUN. We climbed up so more and there was another waterfall! Literally so amazing. Whenever we were climbing through the bamboo it felt like we were pandas lol. 

So I've only got 30 minutes so I gotta make this quick, also sorry to anyone whose e-mail I might have not gotten to. You aren't forgotten!

Work is picking up here in Kahului! So 3 weeks ago I started out with 0 investigators and no we probably have 11 or 12! We got 9 last week. You might have missed that. 9 FREAKING INVESTIGATORS. WHAT. So awesome! Talk about miracle from the Lord. I know that the Lord has blessed us with help bring sheep unto the fold. It's still super frustrating though because no one is ever there for their appointments, but thats okay. That's missionary work! Hopefully we will be able to get a solid investigator soon! I know that the Lord helped us out. Any investigator we have gotten was from the help of the Lord, nothing on my own accord! Me and my companion are getting along better, the zone is doing great, and the people of Hawaii are such strong saints. 

Its super awesome, Im totally a minority. Theres people from all walks of the island life here. Microneaseans, Polyneans, everything. 

Just a couple of funny stories: The other night, we were at our dinner and the Piilani Elders (The Tongan Ward) called us and said that we needed to run splits. So me and Hunter got in the car with them, and we went to the Tongan members house. The investigator showed up, and then I realized that it was a Tongan Dinner. The bad thing about Tongan Dinners is that if you are white, they like to see how much you can eat. And its not very polite to say no. So I've already eaten and they sit down and say "Here Elders, eat eat!" and just pile on my plate. Im not kidding you when I tell you that the struggles are real. I had to pray for strength to finish the meal. Talk about Struggasaurs-Rex. But like always, the Lord came through, and suddenly my belly felt like it was empty everytime I took a bite.

Speaking of my belly, I ate a whole can of Spam the other day. My belly didnt like that.

We hunt cockroaches like every night at our pad. We run around with hangers yelling "Ipis!" (Cockroach in Tagalog) and then smack em till their dead. Sometimes we catch lizards and play with them too.

Getting up in the morning is getting harder and harder, but ya know it has to be done. I think the jetlag is wearing off. It's weird, I get more sleep than at college, but I'm like 6156546846844665564x more tired. I'm a firm believer that when have a big spiritual experience, you are incredibly more tired afterward. 

Regardless of the lack of PROGRESSING investigators, we have seen people's faith increase when it comes to less actives. Which, by my book, is a win. Regardless if they dont count as a baptism, I think bring less actives back to church is just as big part of missionary work as any other. If I can get someone to go back to church, it is as just as big as a win then anything else. 

Anyway, I got to go. Let me know if the fires get any closer! Just use your best judgement on my things to keep. Anyway, Im proud of you Dad! Good job being a missionary! Sounds like the spirit inspired you to use that question, props for listening to it! We might not be reach the 200 goal in the mission, we will probably end up mis-180's but we still have a week! Dad, I would encourage you to read Preach My Gospel. Even if you are not going on a mission, It is valuable to know because we should be always striving to share the gospel. And its a good testimony boost. Actually, everyone should read it! 

Ive really seen and felt the power of the Lord these few days. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for his influence and love. He truely strengthens me where I am week. I also feel eternally blessed by the Atonement. Alma 7:11-13 has really been a comfort these last few days! LOOK IT UP.

Keep me in your hearts! Dad I got your letter today. I sent the letter to you guys on monday so thats how long it takes. Will you post my letter address online?

I love you all! The church is true! 
Ke Akua Pua Hui Hou Kaku 
God Be with you till we meet again.
Elder Gleave

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