Saturday, January 11, 2014

Week 31: New Year, No Fear

Hey guys. 
So I was pretty proud of that title of the email. I've been trying to think of a really creative one all week, and so that's the best I got. It's weird to think about that I'm going to be spending an entire YEAR of only being missionary. Like 2014? Dedicated only towards preaching the gospel. Sounds exciting to me. So my new companion, Elder Cagilaba (but it's pronounced "Than-gee-lam-ba") is so awesome. All he wants to do is work and be obedient. I was like, "Those are all my favorite things to do...EVERY. SINGLE. DAY" (Nacho Libre reference). So that's what we are doing. Working hard and being obedient. Every single day! It's been like a breath of fresh air being with him. If you don't mind, I'm going to forgo talking about me for a second and tell you his story. 

So he is from Fiji. He was born Catholic. In Fiji, respecting your ancestors is very important, so Elder Cagilaba asked his Dad which was the first church established on the Earth. His Dad said Roman Catholic. And so he spent the first 15 years of his life Catholic. One day he came home to find two guys in white shirts teaching his brother about a church. He went into his room and laid on his bed, but eavesdropped on their conversation. Two points hit him very hard: 1) Families can be together forever. He loves his family and the prospect of being with his family forever was to hard to pass up. 2) The Church of Jesus Christ was established on three foundations: 1. Prophets 2. Apostles 3. Jesus Christ himself. He then became interested in the Church and three months later he was baptized. Fast forward a few years, and he brought the gospel to his two younger brothers. Fast forward six months ago, and the Fiji mission was short a few Elders and so he was called to be a mini missionary for a month. Turns out they needed him for six months. So ever since he was baptized he tried again and again to teach his parents about the restored gospel of Christ. But they wouldn't listen. Well he went home for a few weeks after his mini mission and was about to prepare for his full-time mission and his parents told him that they read the Book of Mormon he gave them and wanted to take the lessons and be baptized. So a week before he left on his mission he baptized his parents. Now they are waiting for him to get home so they can go to the temple! Such an amazing story. You should hear him tell it in his Fiji accent. A lot cooler sounding. Anyway, with a testimony like, how could you not love the guy? 

We are doing super well here. Miracles are happening all around us! Funny story, the other day we were walking down the street and a guy was like "Hey man, can I use your phone? Mine's dead." Sure. So he talked for a couple minutes and then gave it back and was like thanks man, I just got out of prison and my phone isn't charged. haha ohhh okay!  And so then we separated ways. Well like three minutes later the phone rings and a lady was like, "Hello is Miguel there?" but there's a Cagilaba? "I just got a call from this phone?" Ohhh! No sorry we went different ways. "Who is this that I'm talking to?" Missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ. "Oh. BRING MY SON TO CHURCH." So we got her address and we are going to teach him next week! hahah missionary lyfeee.

Well got to go! Hope you have all set some new year's weight loss goals cuz I for sure have. Let's be successful together? Okay. Well a hui ho!

Much Love,
The Prince of New Years
Elger Dleave

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