Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week 32--Dogs, Lawyers and the Emergency Room


That's hi in Fijian. Courtesy of my companion. This week has been super stellar! It feels like so much happened and that it all couldn't fit into one week, but somehow it did. Here's something I noticed about writing in my journal, and I guess it applies to writing emails as well. In the scriptures, it says that Nephi could only write 1/100th of what actually happens to him, and that's what I feel! So much happens from Monday to Sunday, that it's hard to get everything down. I always feel like I haven't written enough! That's okay, I guess I just have to be choice in what I write down. 

So a couple of really, really awesome things happened this week. On Thursday, while we were walking around, my companion and I stumbled on a couple of doggie-get-togethers! It was a dog-o-poolza. I'm not sure what they were for, but I'm not sure I care. All I know is both me and the pooches were having a good time! 

On Sunday, the family we have been really trying to work with came to church! It was the first time that they went to a Mormon church, and after both of the parents spent their whole lives in another church. Transitioning to a different church, let alone a Mormon church must be quite the experience. But I think they liked it! But the joy of seeing the whole ward gather around a family to help them have a good spiritual experience was a big testimony builder of how amazing the Saints are. It brought such joy to my heart. It was pretty funny though, because the dad is a lawyer, so he is incredibly smart. You could just tell his brain was processing all the comments, looking for faults, and absorbing every little detail. Overall though, other than some pretty deep doctrinal questions, I think he enjoyed it! I guess we will find out on Thursday, so stay updated! It's a blessing to see the fruits of my labor.

On Tuesday, we were eating dinner and finished around 8pm. I had just read an 
Ensign article and I decided I had better go out and see if we could talk to someone for an hour. So we were walking down the street and we stumbled upon one of our more...eccentric members, Shaloha guy, and he was asked us, "Elders! Do you perchance have a moment of time?" "Uh...yeah sure!" "Okay. There's someone at the hospital I need you to meet." In my mind, I was thinking score! A new investigator. We hopped on the bus, which was the first time I have ridden the bus that late, and headed over to the emergency room. When we got there, one of his Aunties had been in there and he brought us over and was like, "Do you want to talk to the Elders?" "No. I study with the Jehovah's Witnesses" Which isn't a bad thing, but we usually only try to talk to people who are interested because we don't want to force them into the gospel. But the member was persistent. "I think you should listen to them. Your life is not in a good place and they have what you need!" "NO. I study with the Jehovah's Witnesses I'm a grown woman I don't need their advice!" So by now, everyone in the emergency room is watching us and let's just say it was a most uncomfortable situation. Then the member suggested to say a prayer! WHAT. Don't get me wrong again, I absolutely love saying prayers, but not when a whole emergency room of people are staring at me and they lady wants no part in the prayer. So imagine this situation: Two mormon missionaries, a Jewish-looking man, and a very irritated homeless lady all in an intense argument about Jehovahs and Mormons. To make matters worse, my companion and I couldn't decide who would say the prayer, so he whips out a pen and throws it into the air as some weird spin the bottle thing to see who would say it. If you ask me, it was pointing to Elder Cagilaba, but he swears it was pointing to me. So I just went ahead and said it. So awkward.  I can imagine Heavenly Father was getting a chuckle at the whole situation. But when we got home, the ZLs called us with two referrals, so I know that the Lord blesses you for enduring through trials. 

Funny stories aside, this week has been a very good week to grow closer to my Savior and Father. On a mission, he constantly puts his hand into your life, and I am certainly blessed to be a part of it. I am a tool in his hand. I love Jesus. 

Got to get going, but I love you all! Miss you so much!
Elder Top Dog Gleave
ps I pet my first sheltie since Jake. It was good to see some!

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