Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Week 38: Miracles for Dayz

This mission thing is awesome.
My companion is awesome.
The Church is awesome.

Not too much to report on this week except about everything. First and foremost though, I would like to congratulate my beautiful sister, Anna, on her wedding this week! I know that Mateo is one lucky guy to be spending the rest of eternity with my best friend. I feel so blessed that one day, our whole family will be able to go together to do temple work. The wedding is bitter sweet, because I really wish I were there, but I am also so very excited for Annie!!
Anyway, this week has been insane. Last week, I talked about Darrell, the guy who stopped us on the street. Well, long story short, we taught him every single day this week. And they were some of the most spiritual lessons I've ever been to! We had a past stake president as a fellowshipper, so I mean there wasn't too much that could go wrong. This guy has amazing stories too! Darrell is one of the amazing guys too. He has such willingness to follow the Savior. Everything we taught him, he totally embraced. It's crazy we even found him, but the story gets even crazier. The fellowshipper, Brother Thiim, gave an extremely amazing talk on Sunday, and during one of the lessons, Darrell told us that, "If it wasn't for your talk, I wouldn't have stayed all three hours. I would have left after Sacrament meeting. But it had such an influence on me, that I wanted to stay all three hours and I'm glad I did, becuase they were exactly what I needed." Talk about Elect. We first taught him on a Friday and the next day he stopped drinking, and hasn't drank since. Since then, he's helped better his relationship with his sister; he has gotten a job, and he has told us he knows the church and the Book of Mormon are true. Every lesson, we would ask, "When do you want to have another lesson?" And he would just say, "Well, how about tomorrow?" All he does is smile. I know that he was prepared! Anyway, we have a baptism for him this Saturday. I'm really excited.
We got talk to this guy on Tuesday who was in a wheelchair. To spare the details, let's just say he was having a hard time with life, and ended up in a wheelchair paralyzed. But he knows that God has a plan for him. so we are going to teach him this Tuesday!
This week we've had A LOT of spaghetti. I mean a lot. Try five times. Gross. If we have spaghetti again, I might cry the whole dinner.
My companion is seriously awesome! He's really funny. I love the crap out of him. Not literally.
We met a guy walking around who told us to come talk to him. He's a member who hasn't been to church for a while, but he loves missionaries. Part of the reason he hasn't been back to church is because he spent 50 months in Afghanastan. He's an amazing guy, and always gives us "beer" but it's actually just Diet Pepsi. you can tell he's been through a lot. It's been really an eye-opening experience to just talk story with him. I'll keep you updated on that.
Well anyway, I've been running in the morning which is unusual. So maybe I won't be so fat when I get home?


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