Friday, August 8, 2014

Week 60--Those Darn Mormons

Hey Fam! What's the hippy happs?
One week down, and plenty more to go. That's kind of how I have to look at things. Even though I have ten months left, in my brain that isn't much time, and it gives me panic attacks every time I think about it! 
Things have been great these past few weeks. And funny enough, just as things start going well (even though they have been super awesome lately), I end up getting transferred. That's right. The t word. It's funny, whenever I first get into an area, I am always really nervous and think I am going to hate the place, but by the end, it really grows on me and I am sad to leave. This place will be hard to leave. After spending 6 months here, the people really really grow on you. But that's missionary work! As of right now, I have no idea where I am going. So we will see. 

We got a new Ward Missionary about two weeks ago, and immediately he wanted to find us more people to teach. He texted us telling us to go visit a part-member family that lived in "9D" of an apartment complex, and when we went over, there was a woman outside smoking a cigarette and looked at us like we came straight out of the loony bin (and I don't really blame her) and told us that they didn't live there. Anywho, we reported the news to our WML, and he told us he would do some investigating, and then texted us back and said the ward hard the wrong appartment complex and that we have dinner with the family on Tuesday (last Tuesday), so we went over and the Dad was less active for a while and was going to try to get back to church, but the wife didn't want to go to the Mormon church, so they just church shopped for a while. But they needed their baby blessed and they still hadn't done it, so they went over to the parents' ward in Makaha and had the baby blessed, and the Dad stood up and bore his testimony about being sealed as a family. That really stuck with wife. She never considered that there would be a way for families to be together forever, and she wanted that. Anyway, we went over and taught them the restoration, and the family LOVED it. They all commited to baptism. The daughter then brought out her uku and started jammin while the little 4 year old son was singing all the reggae songs. Anyway, they ended up coming to church yesterday and it was just a real testimony builder about how a family that comes to church together, stays together. 

Plus, we had a baptism this week! Heyyooo. What's up for converts. Her name is Heather Holbron. Really great person. She came up to us about a month ago in the store and told us she wanted us to teach her but she was super preggoo with twinzies. But she was committed. So we taught her and she came to church twice, even though she was due to have the twins the next DAY the last time she went to church. And then she had the babies and she only missed church once. She was back after two weeks! Anyway, she loves the church, she loves her two baby boys (Mason Maximus and Hayze Elijah), and she loves Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. She has a 7 year-old daughter who I always make faces with during sacrament meeting and we play tic tac toe. Im not mad though, I don't know how else I would stay awake anyway.

Well, I will keep you updated on where I go! Pray for somewhere cool! David took it hard that I was leaving. He first told me he was going to wrestle me because I was leaving, then he told me he was going to call president and tell him that I need to stay. Then he just started rattling off WWE sayings. Im gonna miss that guy. He introduces himself as "the future missionary" because we gave him a mini name tag. Well, love you all!

Elder "Was that a whale on land?" Gleave

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