Monday, August 18, 2014



Okay, first off, there is a few things I have to get out of the way. 
Congrats to my favorite brother on getting engaged! Tess is perfect for you, and secretly I always wished and knew you two would end up together. Nothing makes me happier than to know my family is happy. I am so happy!

Next, I have to admit I was being a little dramatic. Last week, I told you all that I was serving in the ghetto. That's only half true. I cover part of Kalihi, (the ghetto part), but I also cover part of a place called Salt Lake. Not to be confused with Salt Lake City, Utah. I know that confused me a lot when I first saw it. But It consists of mostly high rise apartments that are really hard to get into as missionaries. Plus we cover some military housing so it pretty much looks a lot like Draper, Utah over in that part. So I am half ghetto. 

I guess this week has been pretty interesting. Whenever news comes of a big storm over here, people begin to panic. And when the news that two hurricanes are coming back to back to attack the beautiful islands of Hawaii, people began to go bonkers. It was funny. The stores were absolutely OUT of water and canned goods. People were stalking their cupboards, getting ready for the worst. All the mormons were chuckling though, because we've got a the leg up on food storage. Like, "you silly people, we were preppin a long time ago!" Anyway, the storm came and went. The Big Island got slammed, but it died out after the storm went over Muana Kea. There was a joke that went around that Pele was mad that another women (Hurricane Iselle) was moving in on her territory, so she smacked her until she went away. And that's why the storm was so small. But we were instructed to stay in on Friday as a precaution, and it was suppose to hit around 11 o clock, but around noon I walked outside and told my companion, "I don't know about this whole hurricane thing...I can see blue skies." Life as a missionary is kinda funny when you can't watch the news.

I was thinking a lot about how the gospel, and I guess God in general typically doesn't like us to be comfortable. The more we are comfortable, the less we are growing. As a missionary, there are a lot of times in which you are severely uncomfortable. Whether it is talking to a person who doesn't want to talk to you, getting a door slammed in your face, or trying to teach someone who literally has no idea what you are talking about, I always seem to be squirming a little bit. I can see it especially at church. In this ward, we start at 8 o'clock in the morning. I don't care who you are, being at church, in all church clothes, at 8 in the morning is uncomfortable. I especially see it in the eyes of those with kids. But the more we are willing to go outside our comfort bubble, with whatever it may be, that is when the Lord can really mold you into some great. I've been uncomfortable as of late serving in the lower income areas. Whether it is urine on the walls, sitting on a dirty floor, or seeing people with literally nothing still be happy, it really gets me out of my bubble. But I love it. It makes me happy to know that I am growing.

Today we hiked to a waterfall and had to "repel" down to it. It was a good reminder that I am still in "Hawaii". I loved it! Then after we played volleyball with a group of Samoans. That always makes me smile. I was in the elevator with my companion and a teenage girl got in, and things were pretty silent. So  I decided to break the silence by asking, "Come here often?" She looked at me confused and shook her head. That was the end of that. See? Comfort bubble.

Okay I have to go. There's a group of elementry school kids mad that I am stealing their computer time and giving me the death glare. I LOVE YOU ALL SOME MUCH. Till next week.

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