Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 77--Service for Days!

My Family and friends. 

First of all, I would like to wish you a happy turkey day!!! I hope you all eat until your bellies can't hold anything anymore. I'm sorry if this email doesn't make sense. I currently have three elementary kids chatting RIGHT IN MY EAR about a new computer game thats coming out  and its a little distracting. So if this doesn't make sense at all, that would be why. 

Anyway, I am so very thankful for you all, for all that you've done for me, for the support, the prayers, the love. I feel it. Out of the long list of things I will forever be grateful for-- the mission, and my family are at the top. I know that I couldn't do anything without you guys.

This week was an interesting week. We had a two-day long meetings, two different wards to attend, and five service projects we had to do. So we have been busy. Really busy. On Tuesday we had zone conference, which is when two stake worth of missionaries get together and President trains us about how we can be better at doing missionary work. Because of some things we had to take care of the night before, me and my comps were pretty exhausted going into the conference. To make things worse, we had to give a training there, and we were going to prepare the night before. But we didn't get a chance, so pretty much we had to wing it. I was a little nervous, not about going into training unprepared, because I've taught a number of Gospel Principle classes completely unprepared, but because when we got in the room, President and one of the AP's were there to sit in. We chatted about how as missionaries we need to show confidence in order for the people we teach to really believe that we BELIEVE in what we are teaching. Luckily, President started going off on a long tangent about companionship study, and that took up most of the time, so we were pretty much off the hook. But we chatted about Alma chapter 8. One of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon. 

We have been doing some service for the past month at a local preschool in the area. It is run by a less active member and his non-member wife, and they are some of the sweetest people alive. They absolutely love the preschool, and the whole zone has been going over every Saturday providing service for them. They preschool needed a lot of help, and it's awesome to see how far the school has come with just a handful of people providing weekly service. It has become one of the highlights of all the missionaries' week in our zone. I was talking to Uncle Sandy, the man who owns it, and he is currently in a wheelchair. We were talking about life, and he said, "My whole goal in life wasn't to get rich. It was to make enough to provide a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food for me and my family. That's what I have right now, and I couldnt be happier." This is one of the reasons why I truly love service. Helping those that might not have much, but in some respects have everything. They have found joy in the important things, helping others and loving God. 

I have become increasingly more impressed with those people who have the characteristics of Christ. I use to look up to people who were the owners of companies, those who were famous athletes or movie stars, and those who were famous in terms of the world. But recently I have noticed how much I am impressed and have desire to be like those who have developed important Christlike attributes--love, kindness, faithfulness, happiness, and forgiveness. They inspire me to become the best person I can be. I never realized how much of an impact that they have on my life. We stopped by one my favorite member's house last night, and we were watching a mormon message called Refiners Fire, and afterwords she talked about how even though she goes through so many hardships, so many trials, she has complete trust in Christ and feels that everything will be alright.  All her trials are to teach her and make her better. She bore such a beautiful and sincere testimony that it will be something that I may never forget in my life. 

I love you all family! Im so very thankful for you. I hope you have a happy turkey day and to always remain thankful. 


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