Saturday, November 16, 2013

Week 23--Temple Tuesday


So, I'm sure all of you are freaking out because you're probably like, "He's not emailing me.  I think he doesn't like us...wait a minute, what's this--an email on Tuesday? HE'S EMAILING ON TUESDAY? That's not allowed. Our son is so disobedient." Well rest assure, neither is true. Today we went to the temple as a zone, and since it isn't open on Monday, our Tuesday got made into an automatic pday. So I wasn't really being disobedient...And I still love you! 

Man I've really missed the temple. So much awesomeness there. The Laie Temple is so pretty. Even though it's like a square, it's one of the prettiest squares I think I've ever laid my eyes on.  Plus, the temple is such a sacred and holy place and it was nice just to forget about the world outside and focus my time on the Lord. I definitely felt the spirit there. Just an amazing spiritual recharge. 

So bad news, I think I'm gaining weight. Good news, I've eatten a lot of candy since Halloween. I've been recovering from a candy high, so I've had lots of interesting swings of lots of energy to completely crashing. I guess the struggles of missionary work are real. And while we are on the weight thing, I think I've finally figured out why it's happening. So here's what I think. I could be wrong, but I think that whenever we go to dinner, the families are like, "Oh so you say you like being skinny? Well good because we made a meat dish with lots of white rice and butter and for dessert we bought chocolate cake and ice cream! If your love handles don't love this, I don't know what will!!" Im sure glad we decided to get those bigger pants and shirts. I feel like Im in "honey I shrunk the kids", but more like "honey I shrunk my clothes". That's okay, I'd rather be found dead with a friend chicken wing in my hand than a head of lettuce! 

This week has been very rainy. Which is awesome both for missionary work and for my plants! It's awesome being on bikes in the rain. You knock on someone's door and they feel too bad to make you go back out in the rain so they are kinda forced to talk to you. Plus I love hitting the big puddles and imaging I'm riding on the surface just like Christ walked on water. My white shirts aren't too happy about it though. They've seen theyre better days. 

So I witnessed one of the most earnest prayers ever the other day. You've never really witnessed earnest prayers until youve heard a 4 year-old pray. It went a little something like this, "Heavenly Father, please help us be nice to Jesus. Please help us not turn into monsters. Please help us like our teachers, and please help us not steal. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." You could tell the sincerity in his voice. I mean who WANTS to turn into monsters? I know that this little kid didn't want to. And what's better, at that same dinner, the opening prayer included, "Please help the missionaries like my mom's cooking." So we are guaranteed to like her food!! No wonder I'm getting fat!!! 

My comp just bought a ukelele from Costco, so now I get to experience the joys of hymns on ukeleles every down time we get. 

In better news theres ant's everywhere in our house. I put a piece of chicken down on the floor to time how long it'd take for the ants to find it. Those suckers were there within 10 minutes!! 

On the missionary work side of things, everything's going well. Just kinda the same old same old. Working hard, and such. 
Transfers are next week, so I will find out if I am staying or not the next time I email. Hope I am staying!

And last but not least, I found out that Ether is a really good book in BOM. Maybe my favorite. The Brother of Jared is a stud. I wish I could be more like him! 

And for all you Star Wars and Mulan nerds out there, I know you will appreciate this at District meeting, we played Jeopardy, and our team name was the "Mushu-Binks" after Mushu in Mulan and Jar-Jar Binks in Star Wars. It was us vs the Thunder Thighs! It was a really close one. I think they won, but who is really counting? 

Well, I hope all is well in the normal part of the states! I heard it's cold. That stinks. It was around 70 here and so people started pulling out sweats and jackets. I imagine its much different than home! 

Love you all! Pray for you every night,
Elder G-Unit

Dumpster Diving

Laie Temple

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