Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 24--Hey Mainlanders!

Hey Mainlanders!
Kinda of a crazy, mixed up, jumbled week. It's hard to describe a mission, but I guess one easy way to describe is--it is one big adventure. So many different things happen each week, it's hard to describe.  It is just something you have to experience! 

So after I emailed you last week, we went to a pizza party at a member's house for dinner. We were playing football with their kids, and one of the elders ripped his pants right in the area where the sun don't shine and you use it to sit down. It was pretty funny if you ask me, but he seemed a little sheepish about it. I guess that's what happens when you eat too much ice cream. and pizza. 

The next day we literally painted this guy's whole house--like the whole outside of his house. It was fun, but really, really tiring. The mission has a lot of firsts, and I guess I can check painting a house off my list!  Then, we went over to this girl's house after for some more service. They want to build a chicken coop, so we were taking apart wooden pallets by prying them apart. It was pretty strenuous labor stuff, so that plus the house meant I was pretty beat! My whole body was sore after that! 

That day was really cool too. The waves were ginormis! It was the biggest since I've been here. I didn't get to see too many of the waves, but I caught glimpses. They were like 30 FEET! That's like a 3-story building of waves! In case you didn't know how big a three-story building was...It was sad, though because a mormon dude was trying to surf at a spot near the pipeline, and I guess he crashed and they never found his body. So they've been spending all week looking for it, but he never turned up so please pray for his family and friends! I didn't know him, I think he was more on Laie side of the Island. 

The next day we played volleyball with our ward and it was DA BEST. It's funny because its like a whole bunch of Polys, the browns, and us playing. Polys are really, REALLY good at volleyball. They're really funny though, because whenever someone messes up, everyone just starts busting up! Including the person who messed up, so it's all in good spirits. 

That night though was ROUGH. I woke up and my body was all in pain. I could barely stand. There was a member baptizing their kid that morning, and we were suppose to be there, but showed up half an hour late. Oops...hahahaha but it was okay. I WAS SICK I HAD A GOOD EXCUSE OKAY? We went to his house after the batpism, and the APs were there, and one of them told me that I was being transfered. So not only was I so sick I could barely stand, I found out I was leaving a place I loved so much. So you could say-- I'm the awkward kid crying at the party! So I just went home and crashed. Turns out I had like a 101.5 degree fever. Who knew? I think it's like the flu. But I got a blessing, and I woke up the next morning pretty much completely fine! Good thing the priesthood is so awesome. It's such a blessing to have in my life. 

So we had Stake Conference  yesterday, and since it's like 20 minutes away, our bishop rented a bus! SO WE RODE A SCHOOL BUS TO STAKE CONFERENCE! It was probably the best thing ever. Plus stake conference was cool, it was like a recording of these general authorities in Utah dedicated to Hawaii people. Elder Uchtdorf was funny, he got up and said, "Aloha brothers and sisters!" and we all did the "Aloha" thing, and he was like, "let's try this again with a little more gusto, Aloha brother and sister!" It was funny. It was like he was actually there. He said something cool though. He was talking about looking at the good of situations and said (paraphrased by me) "When it rains, don't be bitter about it. Pull out an umbrella, and jump in the puddles like we did when we were younger. Besides, only after enduring the rain do we get rainbows." And I liked that, especially now. I'm sad that Im leaving, but as long as I have a good perpective, everything will be great! A member was talking to me, and he said on his mission he was in an area where he loved it, and he never wanted to leave, and then he got transfered and his next area was his favorite area. so he just said, as long as you think that this next area is your favorite area, with awesome people. and an awesome, and it very well might be. And I believe that to be true! 

So on a more secular note, glad the Broncos won! Me and Elder Horsley were riding around on our bikes, and we rode past a house and there was people watching the game outside and I was like, "Hey, what do you go say we go "tract" into him?" I dont think he found it very amusing. That's okay. GO DONKS!
Well, next week I will be in a different place. So I will let you know then! But as for now, know this: I love you all so very much! You all are an inspiration to me. Keep up the good work!

Much love,
The Gleavester

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