Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Week 22: Elder "Big Kahuna" Ga-LEAVE

Hey family!

Good to hear from ya'll.
This email might be a little shorter because I spent some much needed time answering individual emails. Plus not too too much has changed since last time we spoke! 

Some updates in the mission world: We are getting Ipad minis in Jan!  So if you were planning on sending me one for Christmas maybe you should reconsider.  My mission president just asked all the missionaries to seek for a baptism every other week, so i will probs take him up on that.

I wish I could describe to you how much I love it here. I will try to use some words and see what happens. I love it as much as: cake, puppies, watching puppies eat cake, those toe shoes, haircuts, back massages, all de orphans in de whole world, the word platypuses, actual platypuses, pizza, flippers, the show rocketpower, climbing big trees, top hats, supersmash bros, and longboarding. And probably basketball. If that doesn't show you how awesome it is, then I don't know what will. 

--photo added by mom--

Missionary work is taking off in Waialua! The other companionship had a baptism this week. The lady was so amazing. When she got into the water, before she was baptized, she bore her testimony and called this church a "no brainer". She told us how much it has changed her life, and has given her direction, and how she is so sure of her future now. It's this reason I'm out here--to see people's lives changed. There wasn't a dry eye in that place. I wish everyone could feel of the joy that comes through the gospel! 

On Wednesday, we had our ward Halloween party! There was a ton of non members and we did a chili cook off/trunk or treat deal. On Halloween we went to our bishop's house and had a bon fire with the whole zone! It was such a fun time. We played catch phrase and I may or may not have gotten really into it. There was a lot of non-member kids there which made me very happy! 

This week should be an awesome week. I don't know why. Probably cause I'm serving the Lord and he loves me and I love him, so nothing could be bettter right? RIGHT. There's a family were really trying to work with and we hung out with one of the daughters for like 3 hours on Sunday. It was also AWESOME. 

Okay well I love you all!  KEeP StROng in the CHURCH. It's the reason why we are here. Remember we are here "to prepare to meet God", everything else is secondary. 

I keep you in my prayers every night! Much love from the surfing capital of the world.

Elder "Big Kahuna" Ga-LEAVE

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