Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week 26--SHALOHA


I named this email Shaloha because there's this guy in our ward, who dresses up like a Jewish guy, and wears a yamaka and has a long beard and he is a temple recommend holder. Weirdest thing. But he bore his testimony and started by saying Shaloha, then started talking about how excited he is that Christmas and Hanukkah are so close together. Welcome to the city...

Things are getting better around here! It's not so intimidating living in the big city. I guess Will and I are meant to be in the same boat! If you have any problems big man, I know how you feel. Anyway, my comp needs to email soon, so I gotta be quick! But here's a recount of what's been happening lately.

Since this area is pretty slow, and pretty hard to work in, I spend a lot of time in my thoughts and in the books. I have been a reading fiend! When I wake up in the morning, I always read the Ensign to wake me up (cuz let's be honest, at 6:30 am, the scriptures will put me to sleep).  I have been pondering about our Divine potential lately, and how each one of us has specific talents and specific traits that make us, US. The Lord shapes us into who he needs us to be, so we shouldn't strive to be someone different than we are. We should just be ourselves, and be comfortable with ourselves. The Lord isn't ashamed of who were are, and we shouldn't be either. If you are nerdy, MORE POWER TO YA! That's awesome! If you are a big goofball, keep that good sence of humor. If you are on the reserved side, don't push yourself to who your aren't suppose to be. The Lord has a specific plan for all of us, and he needs us to be us. As long as we are relying on the Lord, and putting Heavenly Father first, before everything, I know things will work out. Maybe someone will need a friend who is reserved, or nerdy, or whatever it may be, and Heavenly Father will put you in a place to personally minister to that person with your Divine talents. Anyway, back to the Ensign, I was reading an article that discussed this and I believe this pretty much sums it up (with a little missionary emphasis too), "As Latter-day Saints we are blessed to be living in this time when the Lord is hastening His work. Because God has a purpose in placing us on earth at this time, we have the capacity to do more than we think we can." I just love that. We have the capacity to do more than we think we can. What a privilege it is to be here on the Earth during such a special time.

A couple cool things have happened this week. I called Jacob! We live pretty close to each other, so I plan on seeing him soon.  It was such a brightener to my day!

Turkey Day came and passed. I couldn't stop thinking about home and cold and football. But we had a good one! We ate on the 9th floor of a apartment building, that had a pool there. It was with a bunch of young couples in the ward, so it was nice to eat with them. They all are in their mid to late 20's, so I kinda relate to them. One couple is really funny. They both grew up in NC, but the husband is a Duke fan and the wife is a UNC fan. Its like those "Sports is Crazy" ESPN commercial. But the husband is pretty hyped about Jabari.
Things have been pretty humbling of late. That's okay, the Lord just loves to teach me patience. But who can complain? I'M IN HAWAII!!

Christmas time is here.... I love it! As usual. Kinda makes me homesick though. I wish I could just sit next to a warm fire watching movies. NAME THE MOVIE: "YOU'RE NOT SANTA, YOU SMELL LIKE BEEF AND CHEESE"

Gotta go though! Hope you are all feel the Christmas spirit in my honor. The Church is true, the Lord lives.  I'm a witness.


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