Sunday, December 15, 2013



I wish I knew pigeon. It's such a funny language. When people are blessing the sacrament, they have to do it over because they say "O God, da eternal fada." I guess the gospel is in every language.

Okay sorry about that. Just kinda popped into my head. SO here's the deal.
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I know it's not Christmas but I just love it so much that I have to tell everyone that. Things are a little bit different here. I don't know if it is because everyone is Asian, or we are in the city, or it's a warm area but there's not many Christmas lights. Makes me sad. That's okay, the real Christmas spirit lies within your heart and not by how many decorations there are. But I do miss Christmas music. Good thing McDonalds plays it...

So here's the deal, this week has been a turn in my mission. I've always heard that the Lord has "prepared" people for the gospel, but I never really have seen it on my mission. And I have seen all these missionaries baptizing a lot of people, and I have never really seen that for me. I have been struggling to have a testimony that I could do missionary work. I knew missionary work was real and important, but I was struggling becuase I didn't thnk I could do it. Well anyway, they introduced something into the mission called QGC, or quality gospel conversations, and it is basically just a way to count how many people you've talked to in a day. And I really loved the idea. I knew right away this is what I needed. But it was hard to just talk to people on the street. We've been struggling to find even a single investigator, and we were only teaching maybe one lesson a week. But I really wanted to talk to everyone, I just couldn't find the courage to do it. 

But on Saturday, I went on exchanges with one of the zone leaders, and one of the AP's came with us, and we did 6 and a half hours of straight street contacting. We had been averaging 3 to 4 qgcs per companion, and on Saturday we three missionaries decided that wasn't enough. We were going to talk to everyone! We set a goal of 30 QGCs and placing 10 Books of Mormon. I was skeptical. That's a lot. But right away, when we went out, we were just being incredibly bold. Long story short, we reached our goal of getting 30 QGCs, and actually ended up getting 36. We placed all of the Books of Mormon we brought, and had one person even asking for one that we brought back the next day. We have 2 new incredibly solid investigators that want to meet up now and two new investigators that are going to be gone till after Christmas, but wanna talk with us, and a couple investigators for other areas. 

There was a lot of conversations with people that didn't go very well, and they weren't interested, but we found those few that were "prepared" by the Lord. We talked with two people in particular, who were smoking cigarettes. Two separate occasions. Usually I would never talk with people smoking because I just assumed they weren't interested, but I was being bold, and now that I think of it, they need it more than anyone else. Anyway, they were telling us how they have hard lives, and how much they didn't know what life was about, and after talking to them for a litte about Christ, you could see how much they wanted to know more. I found the key to missionary work TALK TO EVERYONE. I can't really explain how great that day was. Probably top 3 best days on the mission. The whole day I felt the spirit, and the whole day I was having so much fun. It felt almost like a dream. Incredibly stress free. I now know what it means to "get lost in the work".
Anyway, got to go! I love you all so much! Merry Christmas and keep in mind the true meaning of Christmas. May the Lord bless you all in your righteous endeavors. A Hui Ho and much Aloha

Elder Rednose Gleave

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  1. Hmmm. I don't see that my comment got to you so I'll try again. Basically I said: Good job * LOVED reading your letter * From 3 to 4 to 36 is AMAZING! That sounds like a great experience. Keep up the great work!

    Your 1st cuz once removed - Lea