Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Week 35--Pre-Valentines Lovin

Yo what's up family! 

First off, weird story at church this week. There was a guy who just came home from his mission from New Zeland in the ward I'm in, and we were in Elder's Quorum and he told us that he served in three missions because of visa Issues. So I was like "Oh what missions?" "I started in Colorado Denver South." "Oh did you serve in the Ken Caryl area?" "Oh yeah, I served in that ward. With the Bishop who has that...daughter? (HAHA MCKAE! Of course that's all he remembers) And drives the beamer?" "WHAT. THAT"S MY HOME WARD." His name is Jun Son, I guess Elder Son. But he was there during the three weeks when I was home between college and my mission. He said we met, but I don't remember meeting him. That shows you how good of a member missionary I was back home. oops. ANYWAY. That was weird! Plus I met two other people who served in the Denver South Mission this week too! Maybe its time for me to go home. ha nope! I love the mission too much! 

It's been pretty rainy here lately. I love it. It feels like it's FINALLY fall. Too bad its suppose to be winter. Everyone is cruising around in jackets and pants and it's 65 degrees outside. My comp is always walking around and saying, "ITS SO COLD." Ha. You don't even know cold. 

Things I've been missing of late
1) Mariah Carey and Beyonce
2)Yelling in public
3) Cruising 16th street mall
4) Dance parties

On a mission, random memories come to your head and you're just like, "Shoot. I miss that." But then you think about how short the mission is and you're like, "Shoot. That can wait. I GOTTA GO TEACH." 

I've realized that at the beginning of my mission, I viewed the mission as like one big sacrifice. But slowly, and I can't tell you when this happened, I realized that a mission is just one great privilege. I'm not sacrificing ANYTHING import, besides maybe a wedding and family time, that isn't worth the lessons I've learned, the people I've met, and the growth I've experienced. A mission, as much as sometimes I don't want to admit it, is the BEST thing that has ever happened to me. 

So there is this family we've been working with here. They are incredibly the best. They came to church this week! During gospel principles, we were learning about the creation, and the teacher asked, "How does God's creation show that he loves us?" And the Dad raised his hand and said, "Well, besides maybe a few things, everything in the world is super awesome." That's just the way he is. Well, I hope I can set them up with a baptismal date before I leave! BTW, transfers are a week from Wednesday, and President told my comp he's training, so there's a good chance I'm leaving. I will keep you updated. 

This week, a Marshellese lady came up to us in Goodwill and told me that she use to meet with the missionaries in Marshall Islands, and wanted to meet with us in Hawaii. Unfortunately, there is a ward that is marshallese speaking, so we had to refer her to them, but the sisters told me just now that she is the Queen of Marshall islands. Pretty cool...

Elder Old LEgs Gleave

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