Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 34: Trails, tales and emails


One more week in paradise. You know, lots of swimming, surfing, tanning on the beach, drinking virgin alcoholic drinks. That's the life! Just kidding we don't do that. We actually do this: walking, sweating, hand shaking, and food eating. Lots of all those! 

So in case if the beginning of me email wasn't proof enough, and including the grammar in this sentence, I am incredibly tired. So please bear with me. The reason I am so tired is because this morning, I gathered with some of the more fit Elders to climb something called Koko Head. Basically, it is a giant mountain, where at the top they have a military bunker, which was probably used for radio communication. Anyway, it is suppose to be for a tram-like structure that runs on tracks, but since it is retired, everyone just uses the tracks as a hiking trail! I just read a review on the hike and it went a something like this, "It wasn't really a hike, more like a stair master from Hell." Apparently, it is something like 1,000 steps? Yeah, you could say my out of shapeness is catching up to me. No more McDonalds and hot dogs for me. But the view was AMAZING. Totally worth it. 

This week was quite the week! Me and the Fijian decided we were going to teach as many lessons as we could. And so we just went out and busted our butts. Long story short, to release any pent up anticipation built from that last sentence, we got 17 lessons. Now that's not a whole lot, but it is the most I've ever gotten on my mission! So that was a win. Working hard is really quite rewarding in itself. 

On Sunday we were late to Sacrament because we had to walk one of investigators to church. We got there for the second half and he was like, "Ya'll got me to church. I ain't gonna sing. I'm no singer. Ya got me to the first step but that's it!" I was feeling a little bit sly and was about to tell him the only way he could join our church was by singing a solo in front of everyone, but I decided I better not mess with his salvation so I held off. 

The mission is full of lots of ups and downs, in fact many in one day, and I've just decided that no matter what happens I am just going to be happy with the circumstances and trust in the Lord. Often times during the week I'm worried that this person isn't progressing, or im not teaching the right thing, or I'm not doing the right thing, but I decided just to do my best, and the Lord will work through my inadequacies. As always though, I feel extremely blessed to be a missionary. 

Hope all is well! 
Better than my legs at least
Elder "Koko Headed" Gleave

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