Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week 43: Love @ Home

Story of the week: 

So my companion and I were cruising in our apartment, doing a little comp study, and that's when crap hit the fan. We live on the second floor of a small complex, and share a balcony with another apartment. It's a couple that is probably in their mid-thirties with a small son. We were sitting there, reviewing the plans for the day, when suddenly we hear some yelling coming from the next room. And not just like someone ate the last bit of chocolate cake yelling, but I mean full blown-we-gotta-hit-the-deck yelling. It's pretty hard to teach each other about the gospel when we are hearing F this and F that and F you. I look at my companion and both of our eyes are the size of eggs. It was like something straight off of that "cops" show. The wife was just laying into the poor son of a gun. I don't know what it was he did, but I can tell you she was mad. He's a pretty local boy, but she kept calling him a "Haole boy" as some sort of diss. I'm not sure why that is an insult, but that made things a little bit more awkward for me and my haole companion. I looked at him, and we both were kinda in shock. "Should we call the cops?" "No. Not until punches are thrown." So we have a window next to our fridge that looks in right infront of their door. And we heard a huge crash, and so we run to the window and the wife and the husband are spilled out on the front porch PUNCHING EACH OTHER!!!! NOT GOOD NOT GOOD NOT GOOD. But she was stilling egging him on! She would say stuff like, "Come on big man. HIT ME HARDER!" And then he would punch her harder! Idiot... Then we went back inside, and we heard everything stop, and we were a little worried that she was dead. Then we heard coughing and heard her said, "Oh now you're choking me big man?!" So we left our apartment and called the cops. When we came back, they were all lovey dovey like nothing happened!!!! Oh my gosh. People these days. 

Anyway, this week was good. I was sick all week, but we still worked hard. We met a lot of new people! We have been teaching a family who hasn't been to church for a while, and the children go to a different church with their auntie. BUT, when we went over this week, the kids were super interested in what we had to said, and was asking a lot of questions, and the brother of the wife who isn't a member sat in, and the wife could totally feel the spirit. The wife told us that she might get a job that will allow her to go to church! So pray for that please. Actually. 

I have been thinking a lot about how easily it is for people to get offended. I think one of Satan's jobs is to take what people say and either 1. have someone take it the wrong way or 2. let things that people say fester until a relationship is ruined. That's why I love the Savior so much. He is the perfect example of forgiveness. I understand that people say things that aren't exactly friendly, and I understand that people aren't always nice to one another, but please forgive one another. This life is way too short to be mad at each other. It's not worth it! Well, I guess that's my two cents for the day. I love you all! 

We taught all the youth in the ward at a mission prep class. It was awesome. My companion and I acted like an investigator couple that we have, and I was the girl. Unfortunately, there was a less Active girl who was there, so stay tuned to see if she ever comes back to church. We keep in touch! 

Elder "Does he even have muscles?" Gleave

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