Saturday, April 26, 2014

Week 46--Resurrection for my Homies!

There was no exciting stories this week. Just the usual in terms of missionary work, which is good considering it was Easter, and I would rather have it be a calm Easter. In terms of actual Easter, it may have been one of my favorites so far. I know I have only been on this planet for 20 years, but it definitely made it into my top 20! Just kidding, it was my number one.  I did the usual things that I do at home, like eat buckets of candy until my pants don't fit, have the classic "peep wars" in the microwave, and dye my Easter eggs, but this Easter there was something more on my mind. This was the first Easter that I really, truly comprehended what Christ has done for me in this life.

Sunday morning started as hectic as any missionary Sunday starts, but things started going downhill when my companion stood up in sacrament meeting and whispered "I have to go throw up." Apparently, he ate one of the eggs we had dyed that morning, and I don't know if it were because I bought the cheapest eggs at the store, or because I had left the egg out for a while during the dying process, but the egg came up as quickly as it went down. Then, as we went back, we were sitting by the door and we heard a couple out in the parking lot using choice words while yelling at each other. Talk about spirit killer. After that, a giant black bee, about the size of a silver dollar, flew into the chapel and I was just thinking to myself, "great". But it started to get better when we were talking about eternal families in Gospel principles and we watched this power-packed movie:

I then realized literally HOW much the Savior has done for me. Because of him, my family will conquer death, and I will live with them again. Nothing brings me more joy than that simple statement.

Dinner that night was with our favorite family, the Pattons. The husband is a nonmember, and they don't have much money so they live in humble circumstances. But we watched The Testament with them, and I felt that if there were anywhere I  would want to be on Easter, it was with this family. She gives so much to the missionaries, even though they don't have much.

Other than a wonderful Easter, we had a good time seeing the "blood moon" during the lunar eclipse, eating a lot of breakfast for dinner, and hanging out with my good friend David (reference to last email).  Things were just the usual here. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy belated Easter everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the eggs and chocolate, because I sure did. 



1) blood moon
2) wedding tie and family tree

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