Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week 48--Hello, I'm David

What's up people.
First off, congrats to my best friend Spenser on getting engaged!! I'm so happy for you! But you better not get married until I come home....
Also, congrats on the rest of my family for making me jealous by going to Disney World and playing with awesome aquatic creatures. That's including Mom's phone (mom dropped phone in canal).  Don't worry Mom, my comp did the same thing today. So we are currently phoneless.
I guess the next item of business is that Elder Humpherys and I are staying together! I guess our zone leaders talked to president and made it so I will continue to be with Elder Humpherys until he goes home, which is fine by me! When he goes home, we will have been companions for 5 months. Good thing we are best friends. A missionary I live with, Elder Yamashita, is finishing his mission tomorrow. I'm super sad because he is a really funny Japanesse kid, and it's gonna be weird without him.
This week we had a baptism for our mentally handicapped friend David. It was awesome. This guy always makes us smile! He showed up to church on Sunday, and he was so excited for his baptism that he arrived at 6:45, an hour before any ward started. During our ward (because he goes to all 3 wards) he got up and bore his testimony about how he thought the church was true. One of the reasons why he wanted to get baptized was because he went to Darryl's baptism and was inspired by it, so he really wanted Darryl to baptize him, and of course Darryl agreed. About an hour before his baptism, we were making a program and David called and asked us what time the baptism was, and so we told him to meet us at the church in half an hour, and he replied, "Oh okay, good. I just ate some meat loaf, so now I gotta go rest. Bye." It was a wonderful baptism, and David was so happy. His Mom even showed up, who has never stepped into a church herself. David was so happy after he was baptized, that he hugged Darryl, looked at all of us and did an Elvis "Uh-huh" and gave us a two-armed bicep flex. Classic David. We saw him the next day riding his bike, and so he yelled at us to meet him at Foodland. When we showed up, he had a guitar on his back, even though he doesn't know how to play a guitar, and he was wearing those giant grandpa glasses that cover the side of your eyes. We asked what he was buying at Foodland, and he just casually said, "Nothing. Just wanted to look around." It's a two mile bike ride from his house.

So overall it was a great week. I don't know if I mentioned this, but the Browns moved back! They took us to dinner last week, and that made me super happy. It's been nice to have them back.
We moved in with the zone leaders, which is great. It's been fun to have them around. There is always a joke being cracked or a prank being pulled, but that's just how we guys are.
Well, gots to go. Talk to you all in a week! If not, Happy Mother's Day to all those Mamas out there! You guys rule the world.
Elder "Almost My Mom's Favorite Son" Gleave

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