Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Week 47--Just the little things

Hello family,

Every week seems to be an adventure here in Ewa Beach.   Only on a mission do you visit random stranger's homes and with people you've met once or twice and they become your your best friends. And it's satisfying to say the least.
This week we get a call from a "private" number, and me and my companion are like, "uhhhh..okay let's answer it." And low and behold it's our best friend David Costa. He's the one who is mental handicapped. And he was like, "Yo what's up! Hey my dear friends. It's David ftrom Ewa Beach." "DAVID WHATS UP!" "Hey here's my graandpa...Hello?" "Hey it's the missionaries." "You know David is handicaped right? He can't read." "Yeah we know. We just like hanging out with him." "Well that's fine." Then we talked to David for a bit and we ended the conversation. Then the next we get a call from the "private" number again, and we answered and it was David again, and he gave it to his grandpa again...and he was like, "Howzit. How 'bout you guys come to my house next Wednesday for lunch and we can have some Kentucky Fried. From the Colonel, not from me." So fast foreward to Wednesday when we show up at David's house, and we walk in, and there standing in front of us is Johnny Cash look-alike speaking fluent pidgeon to us. The walls are littered with Elvis pictures, Virgin Mary Statues, and small ceramic bunnies and cats. One of the odder situations I've been in, but you don't see me complaining! Anyway, David's grandpa stares into the distance and just starts going off on a story about him and when he was baptized into the Mormon Church. Apparently he was baptized, and then went to the Jehovah Witness church a few months later, and has been there ever since. So he was born a Catholic, baptized Mormon, and is a practicing Jehovah's Witness. But what was even weirder, was he started talking about how the Restoration of the gospel just "made sense" and how there was apostles, and then they died, and so there was no prophet and they fell into apostacy and how Joseph Smith had to be a prophet. And I was thinking, "That's weird. Why does he believe that?" And then he turned to David, and no joke said, "I know for a FACT that the Book of Mormon is true. And nothing can change my mind." And then all of us missionaries just looked around, and then we ate fried chicken.
This morning we went to a member's house and he had a bunch of wrestling mats laid out for us. He's a Samoan High Chief, and he's special opps in the military. So he's a pretty big deal. And yesterday, we heard him telling another member at church about how he ran to a building with a sintax grenade in his hands, threw it on the door, took one step back and blew it up. Then he busted inside, and "there was a bad guy right in front of me so i brat-brat-brat-brat (making a sweeping motion with a gun) all the while I was woozy from shell shock. Me and my budy were just laughing about that the other day." What the heck? Anyway, since my comp is a wrestler, he invited to go do some ju-jits-su with him this morning. The Samoan member is from Seattle, so I was tempted to wear my Broncos shirt, but that would either result in 1) my embarrassment or 2) I'd get shot. Just kidding he isn't that crazy, but since I was wrestling him, I decided on my Relay for Life shirt. But all in all, it was fun. He went pretty easy on me, taught me a few move, and I still have all my limbs! I would say it was rather successful.
Besides the everyday missionary work, things are going great here in Hawaii. I'm trying hard to lose weight, but the desire to eat chocolate is stronger than the desire to do sit ups. I guess a lot of people struggle with that here. I will keep you updated if anything changes. Other than that, it sounds like you guys are doing a lot of traveling without me. That's pretty sweet. But I always read where you guys go and I think, "Nahhh I'm in Hawaii. They wish they were HERE." But in all reality I really do miss you all! Congrats to Will on graduating! Provo won't be the same without him there, but I know he will do big things in NYC. I'm not worried about you at all. The church is true, the book is blue, and Moroni is always on the ball. SEE YA.

Elder "Why are my arms sore?" "Oh yeah because a giant Samoan sat on them" Gleave

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