Thursday, June 19, 2014

Week 53--Just the Usual

Hey family!

Often times I have crazy things that happen to me as a missionary. But not this week. It was kinda of just the usual. I guess I do have a David update of the week: we took him to dinner with us this week and he and the member had an argument about who was the best WWE wrestler, in which David ended but standing up and saying, "Whachu gonna do brother, when WWE comes after you brother?" So we know who won that one. Then the member put on Elvis Presley songs and David knew every single word verbatim. It was one of the coolest dinner I've been to!

We went over to our recent convert's house earlier in the week and they gave a cooking class on how to make this SUPER good chicken dish. It was actually quite a bit of fun. Their little boy was outside throwing something over their fence into the field in back, so I decided to check it out. When we went back there, he was tossing a fishing hook tied to some fishing line, and I asked him what he was doing and he said, "Just fishing for mongooses." If any of you don't know what those are, they are little weasel animals who run around in Hawaii. So I thought I would join him. So there we were, me and my buddy Jayden, fishing for mongooses. It's the little things in life. Then after that the Dad fried up a fish the other son caught that day. Then me and my comp ate the fish eyes, and I ate the tongue. If you've never had fish eyes before, I'd suggest you try it. Not bad...

We met a guy named Ladi, who is from Nigeria. He's a really awesome guy. He's from the part of Nigeria that isn't in shambles right now. But he is super smart. He just graduated from Standford with his Masters in Business Management, and he's only 25. Great guy. It's cool teaching him because he has no idea what Mormons are. Most people we visit come with a pre-disposed notion on Mormons, but he has never really ran into contact with one. It's a cool contrast. I like this guy, and really hope he finds the truth in the Gospel.

Besides that, it's just the usual. We a few double dinners tonight. Sometimes we eat so much that I am too full to sleep! Don't get me wrong, I love eating, but sometimes I feel like those beached sea lions that suntan with their fat belly hanging out. I'm just grateful I'm getting fed. But happy almost Father's Day to all out there! I love my pops!

Happy King Kamehameha day on Weds. Hope you all celebrate.

Elder "Rolls on Rolls on Rolls" Gleave  

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