Sunday, June 1, 2014

Week 50--You wanna kiss the ground

What's up party people?

This week is going to be a weird week for a multiple of reasons. First off, I turn one year old (in missionary life that is)! It's a bitter-sweet feeling, one that all missionaries go through. It's bitter because that means that I am half done with my mission. It's sweet because I have half as much time left until I see my family as when I started my mission. Occasionally, especially with my companion going home so soon, my mind drifts off to what it would be like walking off the plane, and to be completely honest, it scares the crap out of me. Let's do a little recap of my mission shall we?
Month 1: "What did I get myself into. This is hard. I don't like this. Two more years of this?"
Month 2: "This is getting easier. I like the food, but my thighs don't like it."
Month 3: "Being a missionary is pretty sweet. I love Maui, can't wait to stay here!"
Month 4: "Oh crap. Oh crap. I'm in somewhere new, training a new missionary. I can't do this. I wanna go home."
Month 5: "Ha! I love the North Shore! I'm practically local. Look how local I am everyone!!"
Month 6: "Wow I've really gained a lot of weight."
Month 7: "Being in the big city really scares the snot out of me!"
Month 8: "Homeless people are great."
Month 9: "I have a hard time understanding what my companion is saying. I'm not sure if he's speaking English."
Month 10: "How long have you been out?" "About a year."
Month 11: "How long have you been out?" "About a year." "You said that last month!"
Month 12: "Well, that went by rather quickly."

That little segment was a lot less funny then when I pictured it in my head, but that's usually how things pan out in my world. In all reality, through all the chaos, through all the homeless people, through all the pains and all the joys, without a doubt this has been the best year of my life. I try to think of a better year, but everything else falls short! So many stories to be told. So many new relationships made. So many girls kissed. Haha JUST KIDDING!  But the Hawaiian Island have provided a home away from home for me. It has been a paradise in all sense of the word. I can't believe that it's already been a year, and I can't wait to see what the next year has in store! (If any of you are in any doubt of how great my last year has been, please refer to my previous emails. Then picture my face giving you a "You better believe it" look.)

So aside from that, this week has been pretty basic. We went over to a part-member's house, and this was after dinner mind you, and the wife was Samoan, so she came out and of course said, "Are you Elders hungry?" I have learned through much trial and error that there is only one good answer to this question. "Ohhhhh yeahhh! Starving." The Dad is really into spicy food, so he brought out some peppers and wanted us to eat it. That weren't incredibly spicy, but considering I have probably the weakest tongue this side of the Mississippi, it was a struggle. But when I ate the first one, the dad was getting all excited  He was pumping his fist in the air, saying "Hooo...finally being a man, huh?" So I had to eat another one. And he got even more excited. So I ate another one. I cant really remember the rest of the night because it all seemed to end in a blur. Actually it wasn't THAT bad, but I did wake up at 3 in the morning with incredible heartburn and pondered on the possibility of my life ending. So like I said, a pretty normal week.

Today, I went to some lava rocks on the coast to try fishing. But sadly, all I had was a pin from a sewing kit made into a hook, a little pad lock as a weight, and beef jerky as bait. Needless to say, I botched the first cast and the hook went flying off. So we just threw rocks at crabs and now there is one in my freezer ready to be cooked. SWEET MANA FROM HEAVEN!!!

Remember how I said that this week was going to be weird and only listed one reason why, well that's it. It will probably be just another normal week for Humpherys and Gleave. Which, in all actuality will probably be a weird week.
Well, time to cast off! (Classic fishing pun.) I've got some basketball to play. I love you all and miss you all so much.

Stay fishy,
King Krab Gleave

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