Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 54--Old Ladies, Happy Fathers and Transfers


First and foremost, I must wish my personal hero and my biggest influence Happy Father's Day! I love you pops, and miss you more than you can imagine! You have always been there for me--my provider, my protector, my best friend. 

I was thinking on Sunday about how this is the first holiday on the mission that I've already had on my mission. That means next Father's Day we will be partying in style! Better get ready Dad! I even remember the message I shared last Father's Day. We were at the Kama's house (shout out to the Kamas! They're the best!) and I remember talking about John 3:16-17. I remember talking about how hard it must have been for Heavenly Father to send his Beloved Son down to the Earth, even though he knew what he would have to go through. His perfect son, the one who's always listened to him, went through such pain because they BOTH loved us. I will forever be grateful towards Heavenly Father for that, and for all things he's done for me. This video displays the feelings I feel for Heavenly Father's justice. 

As for the most recent news, I found out that me and my home boy Elder Humphreys are staying together until he dies! (Mission dying=going home) But since he is going home mid-transfer for wrestling, I will be in a tri-companionship for two weeks. Our new companion is Elder Kichiro. I served around him in Honolulu. I'm really excited! He's a great kid and I'm excited to get to know him better. But I am even more excited that I get to be with Elder Humpherys until he's done. I've really got to know him well, like really well, and I know that this mission won't be the same without him here. 

So this week we've been teaching this really spunky 83 year-old women. We stumbled upon her a while back, but she's been too sick to meet up. Only until this week has she had the time to meet. Her name is Jean and she is a classic old grandma! I love her. She's been around long enough to have all these crazy stories about being alive for 83 years. She reminds me a lot of Grandma, but not really too much. Just the fact that she's old. Anyway, she spent some time in Nevada, where she met with missionaries before. Which is always a good sign. She is moving down the street, and she wanted us to help, so she has these GIANT plants, like we're talking mini tree like, that we had to move. So we called around the ward seeing if we could get a truck, but literally no one could. So we decided a Corrolla would have to do. So we popped open the hatch of the trunk and loaded in the plants with them sticking out of the trunk. Imagine two trees flying down the streets of Hawaii. It was ridiculous. Two of the plants were even too big to fit into the trunk, so Elder Humpherys and Elder Peterson loaded them onto a dolly and ran them down the street! So now we have trees sticking out of cars and Elders running down the street. Just the life of a missionary. Anyway, we went over on Saturday and taught her the Plan Of Salvation and she LOVED it! She had so many questions that the lesson lasted THREE HOURS. We even included stories about how guardian angels have saved us! It was amazing. Hopefully we will be able to baptize this sweet, sweet lady. 

Anyway, it was a good week. Things are looking up! I love you all and pray for you all every night. Peace out girl scout

Elder "I Like Thin Mints and Samoas" Gleave

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