Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 11: First National President Warner's Maui Zone Hawaii Honolulu Mission High Water Mark Celebrity Baptism Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for Salvation

Hey fam and friends!
Everything's going well here in Mauuuuuiiiiii. We've been really really busy. Last week we set up a lot of appointments for this week...and they all fell through. EXCEPT one. We taught this kid named Sydney, and man did it go well. We were talking about past prophets (Moses, Noah, etc) and he was like "Is there prophets now?!" Why yes, thank you for asking! We do! So we taught him about the restoration, and he was very excited. He told us he would read the Book of Mormon and pray about it.

Another really neat experience: we tracted into this lady last week, and we usually try to say prayers as our tracting method here in Maui. So we asked this lady if we could say a prayer with her and she was like, "Why yes. I need a prayer. A few years ago my son died, and today's his birthday. I could use a prayer." And so we said one with her, and this week we managed to go back. When we went back, she was having a yard sale, and so we talked to her about where her son was. She told me that she knows that she is going to see him again, but we explained to her about the Spirit World, and read Alma 40. Which says that anyone who dies will be in a place where they can rest from all their worries and cares. When we read that to her, she breathed a sigh of relief. I knew she was happy to hear those words, and the spirit touched her heart. 

Unfortunately, Satan must have been working really hard because neither came to church. I was so excited to see them! I EVEN GAVE A TALK! But we must be close to experiencing success because I can feel Satan working harder and harder around me; luckily Heavenly Father is stronger.

Those two were pretty much the crowning events of the week. Besides that, I saw my fav person Rodger. Even with having no legs, and having barely any eye sight, and dying twice (literally flat lining), he's still so happy. When I go over there I don't know if I'm teaching him or he's teaching me. 

I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. It was weird because in their area they baptize a lot, probably because their ward gives them a lot of referrals, so it was a very interesting day. The zone leader I went with, Elder Orminston, is a lot like me so it was really weird going from a companion who is nothing like me, to someone who is exactly like me. It was really fun! But I spent the day in a car area (because they have one) so it was also weird riding around all day. Even though we taught more lessons, because I wasn't on the bike it felt like I wasn't doing as much work. That's one of the rewarding aspects of biking...when you come home during the day and you're all sweaty you feel super accomplished! I love my area. It's a challenge, but its way worth it. 

So this month our theme is "Baptism Awareness Month" or B.A.M., and so we went on a "fun run" like in The Office. We were raising baptism awareness haha. Anyway, it was a mile run (which I walked) around our church up in upcountry, and then we spent the rest of the day doing a slip and slide (which was soap on a tarp on a hill). So basically, it was the best P-day ever. 

And speaking of crazy events, I just went to one of the Zone Leaders baptisms, and there was a girl there that was Brooke Harper's best friend (besides me of course). So pretty weird. 

Anyway, I love you all. The church is true.

Elder Gleave

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