Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week 14: Called to surf

Hey fammmmmmm

Basically, i love it here. IT'S SO PRETTY. We live behind the church, so it's really fun to wake up and see the Lord's house right next me. We live a couple of blocks from the beach, so whenever we are on bikes, we can see the beach as we pass by! 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I'm on a bike again! It's really weird, we have like one of the largest areas in the mission, but we are on bikes...haha that's okay that's missionary work! Luckily, I'm young, I'm kinda fit, and i can loose some weight! 

It stinks cause the last two pdays, whenever i sit down to write emails, its like my mind goes blank, so I will try to remember everything important that goes on! 

There's a military base that we covered, so on Tuesday we helped a military family move in. Then we went to Pizza Bobs afterward which is a local restaurant in Haleiwa. That was awesome. It's almost as great as the name sounds.

Wednesday, we went and cleaned the USS Missouri (however you spell it) at Pearl Harbor which was super cool! We swept the boat then they showed us the hospital room in the bottom of the boat. I sometimes think how different my life would be if I lived during that time peirod. Then we got ice cream so that was like a cherry on top. 

On Thursday we had a sports night with all the youth! That was amazing. So many non- members. I love the youth in the ward.

On Friday, we went to a birthday party for a 3 year old, and there was pizza from Costco. It was on the grass next to the beach, so we got to see the sunset and everything! It was with one of my favorite families in the ward, so that was a plus.

On Saturday, a really cool Tongan gave us breakfast. He's been a little less active, so it was really awesome. Then we went to some recent convert's house, and they fed us Thai food and stake (becuase she's Thai and he's American) and it was awesome to hear how their lives changed through the gospel. Then we went to a mission call opening with a girl who is the only member of her family. That was awesome!!

Sunday was my son's birthday, so we went to all these members house and they made us cake and cupcakes. it was good. He's 19.  He's awesome and has an awesome testimony.

At night, I star gaze, becuase we can see the Milkyway from where we are. 

As for work, it's super slow, but that's okay! Things will happen sooner or later.

So that's all I got. I love you all! Happy birthday to me!

Elder Gleave

ps go broncos and cougars!
pss sorry to those people I havent emailed yet. It WILL happen!

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