Friday, September 13, 2013

Week 13: Under the Waialua Skies.....

Hey family!

How is everything at home? I heard about the game. WHAT A BUMMER. That's okay, it's hard to care too much when you are on a mission. Sounds like you had a good time in Virginia. I keep thinking how werid it would be coming back to here after the mission is done. 

So here's what my past week has been like. Monday and Tuesday was filled with a lot of goodbyes. We were so busy visiting member after member after member. I feel so loved here. They really treat the missionaries well! In two days we had 5 meals from members! FAMILY: FEED THE MISSIONARIES. LOVE THEM. It was so weird, Everytime I would look at something, or get on the bike, or do anything I would think, "this is the last time I am doing this..." Probably not the healthiest way to leave a place, but I was so sad. It was weird because at the beginning of three months I couldnt wait to leave but at the end of three months it felt like my home. But, I had to go. That's missionary life!

Wednesday was transfer meeting. So we woke up early to fly to Oahu! I bet we are one of the only missions to fly to our new areas. It was weird not to be a greenie at the transfer meeting. I saw all the young ones up there and it was so fun to see how nervous they were! So my new companion is named Elder Horsely. He's from Salt Lake area. He's 18 years old, so he JUST graduated high school, so he's pretty young. He's exciterd to work which is good. 

So we weren't 100% white washing. There was two Elders in the area, so we moved in too, making 4 in the ward. So we showed up at our new pad, and it didn't have beds set didn't have a shower doesn't have a closet rod...basically, we were starting from ground zero. It's been really hard because we didnt have an area book, so I didn't have any idea of what's been going on. We split up the area, so I had to steal all their former and less active records out the other companionship area book. It's been really nice having them there though! They really help out a lot. We've just been going around meeting members mostly. It's just been very hard because I don't know what Im doing still, and Horsely definitely doesn't know what hes doing! So we're learning together. 

My area is BEAUTIFUL. Imagine the really nice beaches, with the really nice surf that you think of when you think of Hawaii and that's where we live. All the major surfing compititions on Oahu are held in my area!! We ARE on the north shore. It's all country too. So beautiful! Apparently in a few months there will be 30 ft waves! I can't even wrap my head around that. I feel like the ocean is going to wash the shore away!! Is that possible? I'll keep you updated.

As of now, we have one investigator. That's okay though. We will build it up! 

Well I got to go! Happy Labor day!! I hope its a good holiday!

Love you all and stay strong in the gospel! The church is true!
Elder Gleave

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