Thursday, September 19, 2013

Week 15: Miracles all around me.

So the past few weeks have been a major struggle. I've been under the weather, adjusting to a new companion who's new to the mission, and struggling to learn the area.  Some crazy things have been happening.

A couple weeks ago, we were riding our bike by this guy's house and I saw him raking leaves outside, but I didn't think anything of it, so I was just going to ride on by. But right when I passed him, the spirit hit me so strong and was like, "ASK HIM TO HELP" and I was like uhhh....okay? But we stopped, and he agreed that we could help him bag it, but on a different day. So finally on Saturday we got to help him. He was very happy for our help, but I thought he was going to help us while we put the leaves in the bag. But he was like, "you guys do this, while I go and clean the shower" and I was like DANGITTTT. Anyway, long story short  Elder Horsley and I cleaned the whole thing by ourselves. There was 13 bags of leaves we had to clean up! Plus they were from a mango tree, so there was rotten mango everywhere. Which also meant there was cockroaches EVERYWHERE. After we were done, we were about to leave, and he was like "let's go grab some lunch!" so he took us to go get some pizza, and he told us all about how he is a recovering from some addictions, and so we taught him about the Atonement and repentance!  He seemed super interested, so he said we could come back. 

Later that day, we were at dinner, and the members were like "hey heads up I am bringing a neighbor" and she was really really open and excited to talk about spiritual things. She was like, I need to have you guys over for dinner! and so afterward, we asked her to take the missionary lessons and she accepted! Lots of miracles are happening here in Waialua! We aren't doing anything special, just getting out there and Heavenly Father is doing the rest! I feel so blessed and so excited for the potential that is happening in this area. I can feel the Lord's hand in our work! 

Thanks for all the bday wishes and the package! I'm using the little notes all the time!! I love the basketball hoop too! We went to probably my favorite family for dinner. They made me a cake and it was awesome. We may have spent three hours there, but that's okay it was my birthday. The next day we helped them plant, and he gave me a plant I named Sylvester Stallone because he's a fighter. 

The other night, I opened our door and I saw a cane spider, which looks like a tarantula, about the size of my hand sitting on my shoes. It was pretty cool to find out that I am DEATHLY afraid of spiders. so that was fun. I went to McDonalds and saw the news and pretty much found out that the world is in the crapper. Thats really sad. I guess its signs of the times. 

I live in the beach town thats really small, so I love it! Not a whole lot of people, just really spread out. There's lots of whites out here. We are in the country, so it's really relaxed and laid back. I'm so happy here. My companion is awesome and really doing well. We have potential for 6 baptisms for the next few months so that makes me excited. 

Being a trainer makes me realize how much I don't really know. Thats okay, the Lord is strengthing me. I love it here! I love this church! Thank you for everything and annie thanks for the package! I love the Lord

Elder Gleave
ps GO DONKEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! sounds like they are tearing it up!

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