Sunday, July 6, 2014

Week 55--Last Saturday Night

Hey family! 

Sorry I didn't write yesterday! Yesterday, I spent the whole day at the Polynesian Cultural Center and we didn't have an opportunity to email.
Speaking of which, the PCC is awesome! Lots of Polynesians, which is to be expected. I mostly sat by the Samoan Village and ate the free samples they were giving out. There's a big river that runs down the middle of the PCC, and they had a big show where each village had dancers that would dance on a canoe. The Tahitian dancers are my favorite, but the Fijians were the funniest. We were taking a canoe tour, and he was like, "Look right. Now left. Now forword. Now backward. These are all of your emergency exits. If the canoe goes down, just walk to the shore. And if you don't laugh at my jokes, that might just happen. So start laughing." The way they would talk reminded me of Elder Cagilaba. In the Tongan show, this guy visiting from Korea was chosen from the crowd to come on stage. He was super funny. He barely knew English, and was just getting hyped up and yelling really loud. It was a great day.
I guess the biggest news is that since Elder Humpherys goes home next week, I got a new companion. His name is Elder Kichiro. He's Tongan, Chuukese, and Japanese. So we are in a three-person companionship, or as I like to call it, a tripanionship. He's a really funny guy, so with all three of us, there is no dull moment.
Everything was pretty normal this week, until we got put into a cop car on Sunday night. What happened was this: We were sitting on our balcony Sunday night, when we looked next to a dumpster and there was a phone sitting next to it. So we went down stairs and grabbed it, thinking that someone left it there. We looked at the phone records, nothing. No texts, no calls, nothing. And the phone didn't have service. So after we played on their Fortune Cookie app for a second, we found "MOM" in the contacts and called. Then she gave us her daughter's number. So we called and she was like, "Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! That's was stolen WEEKS ago and I've been looking for it. Can we meet at Foodland and you can give it back to me?" So it was like 9:35 at night, and we are sitting at the Foodland parking lot waiting for this lady. And this cop pulls up and asks us if we were the ones with the phone. "Yesss...." "Great I'm her brother." So he took down our names and asked us what our address was and we were like, "Uhhh...we dunno..." And looked at us like we were little off in the head. And so he told us he would  give us a ride home. Then the sister showed up and looked through the pictures and get this: THE BAD GUY TOOK PICTURES OF HIMSELF ON HER PHONE! We look at the phone and realize ITS OUR NEIGHBOR!! Whaat. So we jumped into the cop car, and he was taking us home and told us that the people who stole the phone stole it while they were robbing his house, and they've been looking for them ever since. WE JUST SOLVED A BURGALR. Neighborhood watch is for real.
So all in all, a pretty normal week. Love you all. Take care now.
Elder Gleave
1) the cop getting into his car after dropping us off

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