Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Week 56--Happy Birthday America!

Hey yalls. Happy 4th of July. 

Well not yet. But happy birth week america! Good job on being the best dang country on this here God's green earth. 

Things this week were a little hectic. Humpherys is going home on Wednesday. I dont think the reality of it has really hit me yet. I mean one my bestest of buddys who I've literally spent 5 months, 24 hours a day with is leaving me. I can already tell I am going to be sad, but he will be moving on with his life. I am excited to see where his life takes him! He is going to Mesa State, so family you better treat him right! The good news is my new companion is awesome. We've had some good times so far. He's from Utah, he's half Tongan, part Japanese, part chuukese. He's a really funny kid. I know I am going to enjoy it with him. 

Quote of the week: "I am happy I can share the gospel through my music."
That was said by Natalie Kamauu, a wonderful sister in our ward who is a very famous Hawaiian Singer. Her and her husband tour around Japan almost all year long. Since it was Elder Humpherys last dinner at their house, they decided to send him a going away present by singing him a few songs. It was simply amazing! What was really the amazing part, was all of her song lyrics had a deeper meaning than most songs. Always spiritual, and always family oriented. But it made me think about how unique will all are. How Heavenly Father makes us all different, each one of us. And he gives us these talents so we can help each other spiritually progress. I am sure glad that he did that. It would be a really boring world if we didn't have unique differences. 

Life lesson of the week: Part of living the gospel is viewing life different than you normally would.
This week we had got a referal for a lady who is pregnant with twins. She told us she is interested in our church and coming closer to Heavenly Father. Well she came to church this Sunday, and it was a train wreck. During the gospel principles class there was a member bible bashing with the teacher, and the third hour was a combined on emergency preparedness taught by an 80 year old who's life revolves around EP. Not the most spiritual of first Sundays. I was really worried that it went poorly, so I apologized saying, "I'm really sorry! It's not usually like this!" And she just chuckled and said, "Don't worry, I think it's funny!" Well I am glad she is viewing it in the right way.  I think Heavenly Father played a role in that. 

Well I love you all. I'm sorry if I don't personally get to email you. The volunteer librarian is either giving me the "I want to meet you in the back of the of the library for some one on one time" look or the "get the heck out of my library before I smack you on the head with all 22 volumes of 'World Book'". So I should probably get going! But love you! Should be getting Ipads this month.

Much love,
Elder "Top Gun" Gleave

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