Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week 19 -- Happy Zaiden Day! ...first baptism!


So it was a good week!  A lot happened this week and last week felt like FOREVER AGO. So we had transfers (all of us stayed in Waialua) and then we met up as a zone a couple times. So it was weird to see all the people I was just getting to know leave the zone. But it's cool because like three other people from my MTC group came into the zone which is fun! Especially because ELDER SELLERS WAS HERE. He's a big, tall, army guy that reminds me of a giant teddy bear. 

I've been fretting a lot about the baptism all week. Since he's like our only really solid investigator, he's kinda where our attention has been. Plus he's our first baptism. So we wanted to make it really special. He's name is Zaiden Magnani. He's so mature. He was way more mature than I was when I was baptized! It's really awesome because he wasn't like the best kid growing up.  His mom said he was a "little terror" hahaha. But now he's the nicest kid! They call him their little miracle. Everytime I see him, I can just picture him preaching the gospel as a missionary. We had everything set for the baptism, and it started at 2, so the grandma around 1:30 was like, "I'm going to go pick up the family" and left. and then it was 2 o clock and people started showing up. Then some missionaries from the zone started showing, then the bishop. And I was like "alright lets get this party started!" But there was one problem. We had the person baptizing, but no one to be baptized! WHERE WAS ZAIDEN?! I got a little nervous, becuase his mom isn't active in the church and I thought for a second she decided last minute to pull out. But then we saw them pulling into the parking lot at like 2:15! And then my mission president showed up! We had interviews that day, so I guess he decided to come! 

At my first baptism, I had the AP's, President and Sister Warner, and like half the zone hahaha. It was awesome. It was such a serene baptism. The spirit was so strong. I was on the verge of breaking into tears the whole time! The grandpa, the guy who was doing the baptism, gave such a spiritual talk! And then the grandma and the grandpa did a rendition of "I'm trying to be like Jesus" becuase the grandpa is a professional guitar player. I was seriously so close to crying!  Zaiden was so happy. I love him. I couldn't ask for a better first baptism. The next day at the confirmation, the Mom was crying and saying she felt the spirit again! It was a true miracle. It's true, Zaiden is a miracle. 

Besides that, the week was pretty normal. We gave a blessing to a member, so that was a neat experence. And we made pizza with a Filipino Catholic guy. That was fun! I love it here so much. There's no where I would rather be then here in Hawaii serving the Lord. My heart is so full of joy. Well anyway, I love you all! Thank you for everything! I keep you in my prayers! 

Much love,
Elder Gleave

--Classic Bennett picture--

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