Thursday, October 10, 2013

Week 18: Three transfers down....14 to go!

So here's the good news-- I'm staying in Waialua!
Here's the bad news...I love it here. JUST KIDDING THAT'S GOOD NEWS!! It's weird I am three transfers down! Its a bitter-sweet feeling because I just think,  "Oh crap that went by way too fast! "I want this to slow down!",  but then I'm like, "Holy cow I still have 20 MONTHS till I get to see family again!" So it's weird.

Besides the fact that I did the splits on a skate board like 2 hours ago, I'm super good! It was kinda a weird week. Conference was a nice break from the weekly missionary grind.  It's so good to hear the counsel of the prophets! After meeting with Elder Holland and the feeling of the spiritual power and faith he possesses in person, listening to conference made everything so much more real! President Uchtdorf's talks (Saturday morning and during priesthood) were probably my favorites. He is so blunt, but he uplifts so well! I love him! It seemed like during the whole conference all that was talked about was the Atonement and repentance! Seems like the signs of times are here or at least really, really close. The Atonement is such an amazing thing! Always a special thing. Of course, I loved all the talks on missionary work! BE MISSIONARIES YA'LL. Sunday we watched at our bishop's house then clowned around on his farm for a few hours afterward! It was awesome. We chased ducks, and shot bb guns, and rode on golf carts. Bishop's wife went to BYU with Megan Bertha's mom! That was cool.

So just a pretty calm week in general. We have a baptism this week! His name is Zaiden. He's a 9 year old BALLER. He's really awesome. I bet he serves a mission. And even though he's 9, he's making a huge impact on the people around him. His mom is not into the gospel anymore, but she's really excited about the baptism! He's a really smart kid too. Completely understands all the lessons were teaching him, which is huge because I barely understood them until I came on my mission.

If you are interested in seeing some of my ward/the area I serve, look up "The Call--Nati Taluenga" That's a video filmed about our relief society president's son, who left on his mission right before I came out. All the places in the video are places I see everyday! Just a little taste of where I live. So beautiful. On Friday, we did service with a girl who got baptized a couple years ago, and her family is non members! She's a real inspiration, because she is going on a mission even though she comes from a family with non members. We cut down some rotten banana trees that smelled really bad.  I love the people here! I LOVE WAIALUA. So many amazing families. So many wonderful people, it's really hard to think about being anywhere else. I know I wouldn't trade anything that's happening for the world.
Anyway, I hope all is well at home! LOVE YOU ALL! MISS YOU!

Elder Gleave

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