Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week 20: Service and Sports

Hey family,
What is up? Sounds like everything is going well at home! Things are going great here. There's a lot going on here in Waialua. Not much like teaching lessons wise, but we've been doing a lot of service. There's this stuff called California Grass, and it's this grass that grows 8+ feet and it has all these spikes all over them. There is a girl in our ward who was baptized a couple years ago and she's leaving on a mission soon, but her family aren't members, so we go over and do service for them every week! This week we pulled a bunch of grass in their HUGE backyard. She has a river behind her house with a mini dock and so we like to sit on the dock and imagine what the water feels like. 

On Wednesday, we had a member of the Seventy come and talk to us. So we spent most of the day in Honolulu, and he talked about conversion and what it takes. One thing that was cool was he talked about how "baptism by fire" is when the Holy Ghost testifies that you are forgiven of your sins. I never knew that. I couldn't really hear, so that was unfortunate,  but they flew in everyone from Maui so I got to see all my MAUI FRANS! 

Apparently this weekend there was a big swell, because the whole town was in a buzz about it. It was suppose to get around 15-20 feet high, but I think they only got around 10 feet. Today was kinda the aftermath of the big swell, but we went in the mountains and it overlooked the waves and they certainly looked BIG.

photo by bennett

It's fun here because a big problem here is that everything shuts down around 7 o clock, but were suppose to got out and work until 9.  It's hard sometimes to find work, but here we play basketball with some ward members on Wednesday night; Thursday night we play dodgeball with the youth and eat dinner and teach a lesson, and on Friday they started up volleyball with the Relief Society. They invited us to play, and let me tell you...PHEW, it's more competitive with the Sisters than dodge ball and baskteball combined! I was glad I came out alive!  On Sunday, the bishop held a folle party, or just a giant party. Some of the people here on the North Shore have A LOT of money, and bishop's family is one of them, so we went to his wife's parent's house and it was awesome. Just a lot of really awesome families came with some of my favorite youth and we just had a huge pot luck dinner. Their yard was like the size of a football field, and had big tennis court lights. So we could play in the yard after the sun went down. It was just an awesome way to relax on Sunday night! Honestly one of the best times I've had in a long long time.

In terms of missionary work, I was pretty down because on Sunday we didn't have any investigaors come to church. Actually, we don't really have very many so it wasn't a huge surprise, but during third hour of church, one of the members was like "did you see Brother so and so was at church" And I was like WHAT?! So there's this family we have been really trying to work with, and the parents are inactive, and the kids are unbaptized. They are such an amazing family, but the Dad had a lot of doubts. But he came to church! Such a surprise! And then we went over and spent 4 hours at their house on Sunday! It was awesome. Anyway, besides that, nothing too crazy happening here. We caught two baby mice here too. So sad, but had to be done! Im sorry I can't spend too long, gotta get my haircut. But I love you all! I will have more time next week!
Much Love
Elder Gleave 

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